April 24, 25, 26, 2020


workshops for music, singing and sean nós dance  as well as concerts and sessions.

All information, classes, teachers, etc. is on the web site at www.tionol.org

Download a copy of the flyer here

NOTE - NEW WORKSHOP LOCATION - click here for more info 

SLIA students pay $110 (regular price is $165).

NOTE: This price is not available for parents.

Price Does not include concert tickets BUT….

Concert tickets are available for reduced prices – see below



Friday, April 24 –– Concert – 7:30PM Focal Point, 2720 Sutton, Maplewood

Tickets for concert only - $10 at the door - saving you $10present a copy of this flyer

Children 12 and under - free


Saturday, April 13Concert-7:30 PM The Sheldon Concert Hall, 3648 Washington Blvd.

Order additional tickets with your registration OR at the door $10 – saving you $10

Children 12 and under - free

Make sure to bring a copy of this flyer to get these prices.


pre-register by mail Or with Mrs. G. no later than April 8

You may also register on Saturday, April 25 at SLUH H.S.


You may register on Website (www.tionol.org)

use promo code SLIA19 at checkout.

Due to discount function on website price may vary slightly.


you must MENTION SLIA in your registration!

(See Reverse For More Information)


T-SHIRTS and SANDWICHES may be ordered online as there’s no discount

Checkout TSHIRT art on the workshop registration page at www.tionol.org or top of this page

Tshirt order deadline – 3/24.  Sandwich order deadline 3/31


Questions and ANSWERS:


1. SESSIONS?  There are sessions on both nights after the concerts and on Sunday.   Sessions are an integral and important part of the whole experience and a major component of the weekend.  Tuesday students should are highly encouraged to participate.   Our Friday night sessions will be at Focal Point in Maplewood.  On Saturday night after the concert at a venue to be announced, and on Sunday at John D. McGurks, 12th and Russell.  Young musicians are welcome and encouraged to join us.  The venues are family friendly place and there are usually a number of kids present.  Parents are more than welcome.  SLIA kids are welcome and highly encouraged to participate.  They may not know all the tunes but no one does, that’s part of the experience. 


2.  What happens on SUNDAY?  Sunday we are at McGurks in Soulard.  They open at 10:30 and they serve a breakfast buffet for a price.  There are a number of music sessions and often a song session. This is also a great opportunity for young people to not only play the music but, and maybe more importantly, have a chance to talk one on one with any of the musicians we bring in for the event, and, maybe have a tune with them.


3. CONCERTS?   The concerts are an important part of the weekend and provide a chance to see the teachers at their best.  We’re offering highly discounted tickets to SLIA families.  You must bring a copy of this flyer with you to obtain the discount.   We’ve tried to make the concerts affordable so you can attend.


4. AGE?   There is no minimum age.  But please realize they will be in an adult setting and will be expected to act appropriately.  In some cases, parents have sat in on a class with a younger child especially if they have trouble concentrating or sitting for the duration.


5. Workshop Hours?  Registration is at 9 on Saturday - to pick up your concert tickets, tshirts, or a sandwich voucher,  and room assignment.  Classes start at 9:30 and go till 12.  They resume at 1:30 and go till 3:30.   See lunch below.


6. Lunch on Saturday?  You’re welcome to pack a lunch for a child.   There is soda and water in vending machines on site.  If you pre-register you can order lunch for $9 (choices are beef, turkey, or veggie sandwich).  We must submit all lunch orders well ahead so please book your sandwich order by April 3.  Or you’re welcome to bring lunch or provide money to go out.  A number of people walk to nearby restaurants.


7. What about adult supervision?  There are adult volunteers who’ve been helping us for years on site all day.  This includes me and some of my family members. A number of the SLIA teachers will be present throughout the day as well.  We will do everything in our power to ensure the safety of any young person attending, however, we cannot be babysitters  - see #4.


8. What level am I?  ask your SLIA teacher.  You can also move to another class if you wish, with permission of the teacher.


9.  If you don’t find what you’re looking for?    Please e-mail  ([email protected]),  stop me in the hall at SLIA – or call me at 314-578-1333.   


Thank you.


Mike Mullins