WORKSHOP Information

Saturday, April 29.


What Workshops Are Available?

(scroll down for description of levels and our policy on young musicians)

Two new workshops -

       1)  a Master Class with- Billy McComiskey, John Skelton.   This will cover a wide range of topics including tunesmithing, session playing, history of Irish music in the US, and much more. 

       2) a Slow Air class in the afternoon with Eimear Arkins.  Separate registration is NOT required. Historically musicians played slow airs by trying to emulate the singer.  This is a rare opportunity to learn from an All Ireland singer and understand the nuances of slow air playing in a way you typically can't get from another musician.  This will be open to fiddles, pipes, flutes, and whistles. Sign up for another class in the morning and go to this class in the afternoon.


  • Accompaniment - Pat Broaders in AM, Eileen Gannon & Kevin Buckley in PM
  • Ballads - Eimear Arkins in AM, Pat Broaders in PM
  • Banjo/mandolin - Pauline Conneely
  • Bodhrán - Myron Bretholz, Chris Weddle
  • Bouzouki - Eamon O'Leary
  • Concertina - same as last year
  • Fiddle: adv. & int. - Liz Carroll & Liz Knowles
  • Flute - Conal O Grada
  • Guitar: beg. - Keith Reins
  • Harp - Aislinn Gagliardi
  • Master Class - Billy McComiskey & John Skelton
  • Pipes: beg., lower & upper int., adv. - Maura Ni Grada, Kieran O'Hare,  Tommy Martin,                                                                Joey Abarta,  Brendan Collins
  • Reeds: 1 day (Saturday only) & 3 day (Thursday, Friday & Saturday) (see reed workshop page) - an all star crew Jim Wenham, Brendan Collins, Derrick Gleeson.
  • Whistle: beg., int, adv. - Kathleen Conneely, Bryan Kelso Crow



Workshops are $155.    Please see refund policy below.

What's included: Registration includes Saturday workshop(s) and admission to both Friday and Saturday night concerts.

Additional Saturday concert tickets for those taking a workshop at discounted price of $15 each.  If you require additional tickets with your registration, you may order them at the bottom of the registration page or, if sending a registration form in by mail, make sure to indicate the number of additional tickets you need on your registration form(remember you get one ticket with the workshop).

Registration on Saturday, April 29: We always accept walk-ins on the day but we cannot always guarantee space in the workshop of your choice.

Where Classes will be held:

Workshops will be held at Nerinx Hall High School, 530 E. Lockwood, Webster Groves, MO 63119

PARKING: PLEASE park in the rear of the building. To get there, go to driveway at west end of campus that goes to the rear of building


Registration will begin at 9:00 AM Saturday morning, April 29

Class Times: 9:30 AM - 12:00 PM & 1:30 PM-  3:30 PM


Register online - click here  Scroll down for lunches, etc.

Download the the flyer here

You can complete the form and mail it or bring it with you to Nerinx at 9AM on Saturday, April 29.   We urge you to pre-register if at all possible to make sure you get the workshop you want.

See Scholarship page for information about scholarships



Please don't hesitate to contact us if any questions at mmullins at  Or call 636-926-9192.


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Guidelines: Advanced, Intermediate and Beginner

Advanced Instrument: Appropriate for advanced and master musicians, and those that feel somewhere between intermediate and advanced. Have played over five (5) years in Irish music and can read music well or can play quickly by ear. Looking for technique, stylizations and direct improvement in problem areas of playing Irish music and more advanced/complicated tunes.

Intermediate Instrument: Appropriate for intermediate musicians and those that feel they are well versed in other types of music but have played Irish music for less than five (5) years; or have been playing Irish music for more than five years but need more instruction/support in critical areas. Can read music or learn by ear fairly quickly.

Beginner Instrument: You have no or very little experience with the instrument.


Young musicians are welcome to join the classes as long as they are seriously interested in the music and able to attend an adult oriented class. The sessions are a particularly important part of the weekend and young attendees are encouraged to join in. They may feel they don't have an adequate repertoire but there's much more going on that's an important aspect of the music.


We realize that unavoidable situations can arise. Should you be in this situation, please contact us as soon as possible. For our funding we rely entirely on the money from our attendance and from individual donors. If you can't attend, please consider donating your fee to help us meet expenses or apply it to next year's registration. 

Within 30 days of the event - we will refund 50% of your fee less any processing charges.

Within 15 days of the event our policy is to not refund fees. And, we regret that once past the final order date for T-shirts and sandwiches those fees cannot be refunded since orders have been placed and we've paid our suppliers.

In the event you paid with a credit card or online, any fees collected by our credit card processor will not be refunded.